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Carpet restretching & tucking restoration

Carpet floors are a beautiful addition to any home. But over time, they can become loose and lumpy from constant use. The solution is restoring your carpet with restretching and tucking services from Roca Flooring. Our experts visit homes in Rockland & Bergen counties and restore the shape of homeowners’ carpet floors fast. You can have your carpets looking like new again in just a few hours. There is no need for complicated and messy construction. You will not have to pay for replacements or repairs. This is one simple service that can change your floors completely. You can improve the look and comfort of your home without emptying your pockets sooner than you think.

What causes carpet lumps?

Many carpet owners will notice that after years of use, the shape of their floor coverings begin to change. Carpet lumps are large ridges at the edges of the room or loose, extra bunches of fabric near the seams of your carpeting. There are a number of factors that cause these ugly bumps in your floors. Pulling out heavy furniture over seams can cause them to weaken and pull apart. Pets digging at the corners of the room can pull the carpet loose and leave exposed sections of underlayment. High traffic areas can lose their shape from constant use if there is no area rug to protect them. The result is a misshapen carpet that looks less than perfect. Don’t worry―it is an easy fix!
Carpet Restretching & Tucking in Valley Cottage, NY area from Roca Flooring

How carpet restretching and tucking works

There are a number of steps that our professional flooring technicians take when it comes to “diagnosing” your floors. They are:

  • INSPECTION: This is the initial walk-through portion. Your technician will take you throughout the house and show you areas where the carpet has become weak or loosened. This is also a chance to identify any serious damages that you may not have noticed. Heavily soiled or torn sections of carpet will often need repairing or replacement.

  • PLANNING: Your technician will make recommendations on how to care for your carpet based on its condition after inspection. This is your chance to get a price quote and ask any questions that might be on your mind. Common questions include what services are necessary and the estimated time that the project will take. Our technicians are happy to provide excellent customer service to you by answering your questions and offering suggestions.

  • RESTRETCHING AND TUCKING: This is the process of removing your carpeting from the tack strips and pulling it tight. Your technician will carefully trim the excess carpet away from the edges. The ends of the carpet will be tamped down and the floor covering will be reshaped and re-seamed as necessary. Finally, it will be reattached to the subflooring.

  • FINAL INSPECTION: This is a last run through of the home to check that everything looks and feels as it should. Feel free to point out any flaws that you believe were not checked. We strive to provide complete satisfaction for our customers and will do our best to make it right.

The final result of our hard work is a beautifully restored carpet that lies flat and feels great underfoot. You will no longer have to worry about tripping over a ridge or tearing a hole in carpet. Save money and time by using carpet restretching and tucking services from the experts at Roca Flooring in Valley Cottage, NY.