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Don’t get snagged by carpet choices

Carpet flooring is a favorite among homeowners, especially those that have active children. It adds warmth and safety to the home that no other flooring can offer. Additionally, today’s technology allows for great stain resistance and even hypoallergenic There’s really no reason not to look into it today for your own home.

With all that in mind, let’s look at some carpet basics you’ll want to know before diving into your search. At Roca Flooring, we want you to be an informed buyer!

Carpet types and fibers

Carpet comes in various different types and fibers. Types can include loop, pile, and cut pile and they determine whether the loops are left intact or cut. There are even subcategories in these two types which will play a big difference in the look, feel and durability of the carpet you choose.

For instance, shag carpet needs to be used in areas with less traffic, because they show footprints well and can quickly become crushed. Berber is a good choice for areas that are more prone to stains, because of the stain resistance in the carpet itself.
The fiber of the carpet makes a big difference as well. Some fibers, such as wool, are very highly sought-after, even though they are quite expensive. Nylon often mimics wool and is a choice that is easier on the wallet, while still having plenty of benefits.

Other fibers have different benefits. Olefin, for example, is a great choice for areas that are apt to attract moisture, or that takes on water sometimes. It has great water-resistant benefits and is also resistant to mold and mildew. For this reason, Olefin is often used in basements and outdoor spaces where other carpets can’t be used.

Don’t forget the importance of underpadding

Some people would like to find an excuse to skimp on underpadding. This is one instance, however, that the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t necessarily fit.

Underpadding is one of the best ways to keep wear and tear on your new carpet to a minimum. It absorbs foot traffic and better grades of underpadding increase the comfortable feel of the carpet overall.

Pay us a visit during your carpet search

In Nanuet, Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ, we are serious about helping you find the perfect carpet. Visit our showroom today in Nanuet, NY to see our wide variety of carpet.
Luxury carpet in Valley Cottage, NY from Roca Flooring

Roca Flooring brings you and your design aesthetic together with carpet

A Carpet is considered to be a very flexible flooring option. Carpets can create a warm, luxurious feeling and design option for your home, both visually and under your feet! Roca Flooringt has been serving the Nanuet, NY and surrounding areas for over 18 years with flooring products and services.

Lots of carpet choices at your fingertips

Roca Carpet offers an unlimited variety of colors, multiple hues, designs and patterns, making it easy for you to find the ideal carpet for your particular taste and interior décor theme. In addition we boast a wide range of styles and an impressive and diverse collection of traditional and modern patterns. From stripes and waves to artistic drawings and other embellishments, Roca Carpet offers rugs and carpets that feature the whole gamut of design.

Quality carpet from a quality dealer

Our carpet aisles feature the optimum carpet with leading manufacturers such as Mohawk Industries and Masland Carpets. For a durable carpet option, we offer carpets with strands that are tightly woven; as well as carpets ideally suited for a plush and semi-plush for those who want to be immersed into total comfort. In addition, we offer a firmer matted variety for those who need/want more durability.

Two important factors that contribute to the longevity of a beautiful new carpet is installation and cleaning. As a Roca Carpet customer, you don’t have to worry about this as we offer cleaning and installation services, which, combined, help ensure that your carpet will last for a long time and your investment is protected for years to come.

Visit our showroom is Nanuet and see why Roca Flooring lives up to its reputation for providing the finest carpet service and products to the Nanuet and all neighboring communities

What to know about carpet tiles

In need of new carpet and confused about what will work best for you? Something easy to install and versatile perhaps? Do you want it to be durable enough to withstand a lot of foot traffic, yet has just enough style to give the room or rooms some personality?

This sounds like a job for carpet tiles. Carpet tiles work best for quick installation jobs, especially in an office building, meeting room or even a playroom for the kids. The diverse colors and patterns of carpet tiles will help you transform any room into something functional and stylish.

You may be asking yourself, what exactly are carpet tiles? You know it is some kind of carpeting and floor covering, but just how does it work? No grout is required like ceramic tile. There’s no tongue-and-groove to slide them together like laminate. Carpet tiles are square pieces of carpet that vary in size, so they are a great fit in any space large or small. Because carpet tiles come in so many sizes covering your entire office won’t be a long installation process. That means you won’t skip a beat on the workflow or work production.
Luxury carpet in Valley Cottage, NY from Roca Flooring


Carpet tiles can be easily installed by using a self-adhesive backing, easy to use carpet tape or even glue. They have a heavy-duty backing and are sure to have long-lasting value. This is why many public buildings like libraries and government buildings have been using carpet tiles for years. Another plus of carpet tiles is they can be arranged to give your office space the sophisticated look you desire or they can be mixed and matched to produce a more fun and relaxed atmosphere. The possibilities are truly endless! Here’s a fun tip: Talk with one of our design consultants about the layout of the carpet tiles before installation. Ask if it’s possible to come up with a game plan ahead of time and have the carpet installers rotate the carpet tiles in a fun or unique pattern.

Besides the use in office spaces, carpet tiles are a good fit for pet owners and parents. Carpet tiles don’t have a long pile so they are easy to vacuum and keep clean. If one gets damaged it is easy to remove the carpet tile and get it replaced.

If carpet tile fits your home, office space or you know someone that could benefit from new carpet tiles, contact Roca Flooring located in Nanuet, NY. We are open Monday through Saturday and also will make after hour appointments as well as appointments on Sundays. If you live in Rockland County or Bergen County there is only one place to go for the best selection of carpet tiles and that’s Roca Flooring

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