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Affordable upholstery cleaning service

Life has a tendency to take its toll on your home furnishings. Odors and stains can make your furniture look and feel unpleasant. Residents of Rockland and Bergen counties no longer have to worry about cleaning their upholstered furniture. Roca Flooring is here to offer you fast upholstery cleaning services at low rates! Accidents happen around the house all the time.

What we offer you

Your home is a sanctuary. There is nothing more pleasant than putting your feet up on the couch and relaxing at the end of a long day. But lying on your sofa and discovering that it has a foul odor can be distressing. Seeing stains on your favorite pillows or grime on your drapes is just as bad. Don’t throw out your furnishings just yet! There may be hope for salvaging them. Upholstery cleaning can remove years of dirt and grime in just a few simple steps.

Here are some of the problems that we find solutions for

  • STAINS: You have seen them. A spot of spilled wine from last New Years’ day. Spaghetti sauce on the seat cushions in the dining room. Coffee splashed on the office chair. They can be hard to ignore. Worse, they can be almost impossible to remove with common household cleaners. Let the experts come in and lift those stains out of your upholstery! We use specialized cleaners that gently lift and remove stains.

  • WEAKENED SPOTS: After sitting in the same spots over and over, the fibers can grow weaker. Cleaning them incorrectly can make these weak spots worse. You can trust that our cleaning methods are meant to address this. Your upholstery will remain damage free! Gentle cleansers and careful removal make it possible.

  • COLOR DAMAGE: Preventing color damage is important. It becomes especially difficult while cleaning. Using the wrong cleaners can sap the color from your furniture’s fabrics. Our cleaning solutions are specially formulated to preserve colors and patterns. Your couches and chairs are left clean and vibrant!
  • ODORS: Odors can be the hardest to remove from upholstery. Homes with smokers can attest to that! Food and smoke odors get deep within furniture fibers. The combination of smells can be offputting to family members and guests alike. Every time you sit on your furniture, the smells are released again. Breathe easier by allowing the experts to draw foul odors out of your upholstery!

  • PET CONTAMINATION: You love your animals, but hate messes. If you have pets, accidents are bound to happen. Animal urine contains dangerous ammonia that can cause sickness. Stains and smells tend to linger longer than anyone likes. Pet dander can cause an allergy flare-up. Let us take care of it all with our simple cleaning service!
Upholstery Cleaning in Valley Cottage, NY area from Roca Flooring

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If you want to refresh your home, request professional upholstery cleaning services from Roca Flooring! We offer low rates and fast service in Rockland and Bergen counties. Great results are guaranteed every time! Call (845) 250-5158 or (877) GO4-ROCA for a quote today!