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Commercial Carpet Cleaning


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Fast commercial carpet cleaning service

There is nothing less attractive to customers than a business with filthy carpet floors. From boutiques to hotels, if you have a business with dirty carpet, we can help! You can find fast commercial carpet cleaning services by searching for a provider near you at Roca Flooring. Carpet can hold in bad odors, dirt, dust and pollen that make it harder to breathe. This can harm your business by driving away customers. You want your customer base to feel invited whenever they work with you. A clean, fresh-smelling carpet is a great way to make them feel welcome.

Finding a way to have your flooring cleaned is easy. Having local experts nearby makes getting fast and affordable service convenient for you. We provide access to quality service on our website and at our showroom in Valley Cottage, NY. Your flooring will look as fresh as the day it was installed! Any business owner can work with our rates. You can rest assured that our professionals will take care of you and your floors.

Better business with cleaner carpet

First impressions are everything. When a customer visits your business, they will notice the decor first. Even if the paint is perfect, the furniture is tasteful, and the employees are friendly, the smell and look of a dirty carpet is likely to send people running for the hills! There is something unsettling about a carpet that smells musty, or has the lingering odors of smoke and food. You want your customers to enter your business and breathe easily. They will return if the way that they view your business is positive. Better yet, they will be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

If your customers can see that you go above and beyond to provide a comfortable atmosphere, your business will benefit. This is where we come in: We take the carpet flooring that you have and give it a thorough cleaning so that your business will look and smell better. Here are some of the ways we improve your floors:

  • CHECK FOR WORN PATCHES, TEARS, AND BURNS: Before we start cleaning, we examine your floors closely to identify weak spots. This prevents further damage and allows us to make suggestions on how to get them fixed.

  • CUSTOMIZE OUR CLEANING METHODS FOR YOUR FLOORS: We use products specifically for whatever material your carpet is made of. We make sure that the color and texture of your floors stays intact.

  • PULL DIRT AND ODORS FROM DEEP INSIDE THE FIBERS OF YOUR CARPET: Getting deep into the fibers of your carpet, we pull out all of the dirt and odors. You are left with a fresh, vibrant floor that looks great and feels soft!
Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Valley Cottage, NY area from Roca Flooring
  • EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR FLOORS: Abrasive dirt and water damage can cause your carpet to break down faster. Regular cleanings make your floor last longer by keeping the fibers strong. You can save money by keeping the carpet free of debris instead of replacing it when it gets damaged.

  • IMPROVE INDOOR AIR QUALITY: We remove pollen, dander, smoke, and dust from the carpets as we clean. This means cleaner air, because customers will be able to walk on the floors without stirring up harsh irritants.

  • OFFER MAINTENANCE TIPS: Once we are finished cleaning your floors, we give you detailed instructions on how to care for it in between cleanings. This will help your business look great and the floors last longer.

Have your business improved for less today. Choose commercial carpet cleaning services from Roca Flooring and get professional-grade results fast. We serve businesses in Rockland and Bergen counties every day. Contact us at (845) 250-5158 or (877) GO4-ROCA now to learn more.